Recruiting professional employees takes time, patience and skill. Powell Staffing Solutions, Inc. specializes in recruiting top notch personnel for your business. We can simplify the hiring process, by offering a diverse group of candidates that are highly qualified.
Powell Staffing Solutions, Inc. understands that each customer has their own corporate style. As a result, we provide qualified candidates who adapt quickly to our customer's environment. Our convenient Submit Order link allows you to provide us with the information needed to complete your request for personnel. Whether you are currently employed and/or completing your education—let Powell Staffing Solutions, Inc. begin the process of finding you the perfect job opportunity. We have a diverse client base, and our extensive internet resources will give you the best possible chance to connect with your career. Simply submit your information to us on our Apply Online page and let us do the rest.
D.B.E. and S.W.A.M. Certified

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